I’m Sorry! How many dimensions?

OK this is a really short rant.  I just have to say that if I hear Dr. Whatshisface say one more time “Discover the beauty of being matched across 29 proven dimensions of compatibility.” I think I am going to call him out on it.

I have no idea what irritates me so much about this statement.  Somewhere in my brain my mind is telling me “fictitious, contrived, manufactured, cooked-up”.  I have no doubts that the service has helped couples find one another but the rose-tinted picture of perfection that is painted by the good Dr. makes me wonder just how many of these couples end up splitting up that we don’t hear about.

I’m sorry, but the only person that matches me in 29 dimensions, is me!


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  1. Sam Clark says:

    I get the same reaction. Every time I see it I picture this 40-something guy with his head in his hands, sobbing, and asking for guidance from our men’s group at church. He met a woman that had attended our church prior to her divorce from her first husband. They met through e-takemymoney and of course were ‘compatible’ (still trying to figure out what that means) and instantly fell in love and were married soon after. But like most mass-advertising, they don’t advertise the cost involved with what they are selling.

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