Nothing much to report.

Well, not much to write about lately as far as staying “on topic”.  Been very busy with real life.  Both my wife and I have been working non-stop for the last 3 months to convert our home and get licensed to run it as an Adult Foster Care home for the elderly.
At the same time I’ve been trying to bring back together a bunch of gaming friends that have known each other for close to 10 years but who have drifted away to do other things over the last 2 to 3 years.  I have a reputation (according to my wife) of being “the glue that binds”  when it comes to getting and keeping people together like this and I’m determined to see the good times roll but it takes work, and someone has to do it.

I’m sat here typing and two things struck me.  First, its freezing cold, windy, and snowy outside… and its APRIL for goodness sakes.  I’m supposed to be dethatching the lawn.  Oh well thank heavens for small mercies.

Meanwhile, in the warmth and comfort of my living room/office I am frequently being drawn away from my computer screen to watch a re-run of the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  which I haven’t seen since I was a small kid (we’re talking at least 30+ years here).  I think someone must have digitized and re-colored this version because it looks fantastic for its age.  It has prompted me to think to myself, where are the lesser known actors from this childrens’ classic today?  Well check out this wonderful page which does its best to inform us exactly that:

Well, its almost Easter and its time to go and color easter eggs with my wife and children.  After being up all night consoling a fussy infant, and then being required to boil 3 dozen eggs first thing this morning, I’m much more inclined to go lock myself in my bedroom and have a damn good nap.   Still, that’s a lot of egg-salad sandwiches which I adore.

Happy Easter Everyone!


2 Responses to Nothing much to report.

  1. Sam Clark says:

    “the glue that binds”. Have you read C.S. Lewis’ “The Four Loves”? He talks about this ‘old friend’ relationship and why it struggles to remain alive. I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. nitecloak says:

    I have not read that work by C.S. Lewis but I have read his more commonly known works. “Twas brillig and the slythey toathes did gyre and gimbol in the wabe….etc.”
    Now that you’ve brought it to my attention I’ll have to check it out.

    Thanks for dropping by Sam. I don’t get to update this blog as much as I would like because of everything else thats going on but I do like this whole blog thing. I am the epitome of a casual blogger.

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